Why Technology is Wonderful

Five Reasons Why Technology is Wonderful

1)    My newest podcast is with a horror/thriller fiction writer named Cory Idle.  He lives in Colorado and we wouldn’t have been able to do this awesome podcast HERE without Skype and Skype Call Recorder.

2)    One of my friends from Canada’s wife is battling cancer and needs people’s help to keep winning the fight. So he created a Fund Me page.  Donations are pouring in from all over the world.

3)    Hot Dog Month is coming next Wednesday and without the Internet we wouldn't be able to have more shenanigans this July.  Remember last year?! Watch them HERE.

4)    We can fly around the world in a day and see things two generations ago thought was simply impossible to see in a lifetime.

5)    There are more choices than ever for us to enjoy and experience what we want.  Choices in food, careers, friends, activities, etc.  Choice is always worth celebrating.

That’s my five for today.  Add your own in the comments below and think about one of these next time you think that technology is ruining things.

Thanks for reading and hanging around here.  What else can you check out?

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