Laugh up your Mistakes

Does anyone really like egg on their face?
It doesn’t feel good.  But what is it going to do for you to get a sick stomach and beat yourself up over it?

We all make mistakes.  None of us are perfect and the best remedy is to be able to quickly forget and move on.
In case you need a little example to remind yourself and to know that you aren’t the only one check out what happened to me yesterday…

As the marketing manager at Gatehouse Media Partners I thought it would be a nice touch to send out a nice group email to our clients and vendors about our new website in MailChimp.  Not just as an ugly “outlook” email (sorry Microsoft crew don’t be upset but it is a little bland.)

I found a wonderful photo of our team, crafted a near immaculate email about our new website and blog, and hit SEND.
We received back tons of replies…which is unheard of in the “email list” world.  Except the problem was it was people replying to let us know the links in the email didn’t work.


Can you feel any dumber than being the “marketing guy” and then having the links go down when you send out your new website and blog to your most valued clients?
I don’t think it’s possible.  Looking back on it…”immaculate” was hardly the word I would use to describe that email.

What did I do?  
After initial shock of seven to ten minutes passed over me I recreated the email and made fun of  myself.  I blamed it on the goats (kind of how I have a hot dog thing here Gatehouse has a goat thing going) and I apologized profusely on our behalf.  I called my co worker and made her click on every single link in the email ten times before I hit SEND a second time and then I waited on the phone with her until she got the email and got to open and test the “real links.”

The links worked.  We got nice emails back and many kind words.  All that’s left with that mistake is a funny story and this blog post.  
I could have chosen to have a nervous breakdown and a heart attack instead.

But guess what?  You just gotta laugh up your mistakes, charge it to the game, and move on.
We will all screw something up rather important in life.  Laughter and a bad memory can be the best remedy.

Like Michael Jordan said…
“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

What’s the action step or life lesson? 
Nothing really. Just don’t beat yourself up so much and laugh things off.  It was the only something like this wouldn’t have raised the hell out of my blood pressure!

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