Where your business is going

It is going exactly where you want it to go.  I know mine does.

What happens when I write more blogs?  I get more blog readers.
What happens when I spend more time in how I create the blogs? I get more people excited about the content.
What happens when I hone in on who I want to reach and work feverishly in helping them? I am able to grow who is interested in my stuff and move forward.
What happens when I apply for more speaking gigs?  I speak more often.

None of that seems surprising but often times we are constantly second guessing ourselves or trying to figure out a number of possible random outside reasons that our business is struggling or we aren’t able to get where we want to go.

If you eat cleaner and healthier food what happens? You lose weight.
If you practice your form and swing in the batting cage everyday what happens? You get better at baseball or softball.
If you read to your kids more what happens? They like books more.

The cycle for the most part is never ending.  Where your business is going and the future that it has in store for itself depends a lot on what you are willing to do to get it there.
That is a good thing but also a dangerous thing.  Because if you are willing to put in the grunt work and grind it out you can do it.  The dangerous part is when you reach that point of complacency, where all of the sudden it seems like your returns aren’t matching your input and you think you can ease off the gas a little bit.

Trust me it doesn’t play out like we think, there will be times when it seems like we aren’t getting back what we put in but we are.  The second we stop the work and the intensity we can find out exactly where our business is going.  We don’t want to head down that road.

The best marketing can’t save a product there isn’t a need for.
The most incredible advertising can’t offset consistently bad customer reviews.
The smartest finance minds won’t be able to pull off miracles on the profit margins if there isn’t one to be had.

And on and on it goes until you hit the biggest one of them all…
Hustle and guts will always stand a better chance to keep your business going where you want it to go.
Greed and laziness will always stand a better chance to keep your business going exactly where you don’t want it to go.

Think about it in terms once again of an activity you do and try to get better at.
You would never expect to become a better cook without cooking, writer without writing, runner without running, or anything else of that nature.
So we can’t expect to keep our business going in the right direction without taking the time and dedication to get better at it each and every day.

We all know what direction we are headed.  It’s time to make the decision what direction we want it to go moving forward!  

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