Passionate Living Volume Nine: Being Awesome

I finished up the outstanding and inspirational book by Brad Montague and his nephew Bobby Novak aka Kid President last night…two thumbs up!  Available on Amazon HERE

It ended with the opportunity and encouragement to write inside the book about ways to be awesome each day on the page in the picture above.

Since the passionate living posts come on Thursdays I thought what better way to talk about living passionately than to list out the questions they ask and a few of my answers.

Here’s to the hope it will give you some new ideas in “being awesome” each day!

Question #1: What are you not okay with?

A few of my answers…

1)      Poverty in our own country

2)      Lack of clean water for a big portion of the world

3)      Lack of open and honest education about what’s in our food and what we can really do to slow down the onslaught of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

4)      Litter

5)      The fact that we aren’t encouraged more to live out our hot dog stands for careers!

Question #2: What do you have that can change that?

A few of my answers…

1)      My hands to pick up litter.

2)      My mind to help educate about good food and real food and true long term healthy living habits.

3)      My disposable income to give for clean water.

4)      My time to help kids and adults know it’s okay to be happy and live their passions each and every day.

5)      My spirit and enthusiasm to give more inspiration to others to fight for what they believe in.

Question #3: Who can you bring along to help you?

My answer…

1)      Everyone and anyone willing to!

Question #4: The world would be more awesome if (Fill in the blank!)

We all lived in the moment and were kind to each and every person in the world 100% of the time!

 Give some of these questions a thought and if you feel so inclined encourage myself and others with a comment below!

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Live Passionately today my friend.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!