Running in Circles

I believe it’s very easy to spend your day running in circles.
The days when work is not required seem to get filled just as fast as the days that it’s all that has time to be done.

It’s very easy to get to the point when you feel like you are running in circles and you might be thinking to yourself “What’s the point of all this again?”
Then you get reminded once again of why you run in circles.

When my wife and I had the opportunity to go see Michael J Fox speak last Tuesday I imagined it would be a special occasion.  The evening program promised “Inspiration, Hope, and Laughter” and all three were delivered.
It also hit home of why we are all doing what we are doing.
The reason we are running in circles sometimes is because we care so much, want to help so many, and have the belief that we can change the world.

Sometimes it might seem a little blind to an outsider but believe me when I say people are steadfast with certain affirmations.
For myself it’s that everyone in this world deserves an equal and fair shot in living a good life.  No matter the nationality, circumstances of their past, or what others think of them.

Michael J Fox sincerely believes he will be unemployed in the coming years because that means his foundation will have helped find a cure for Parkinson’s and hopefully along the way other neurological disorders.
From being a great friend to helping animals to feeding the homeless to planting a garden to spreading peace no matter how big or small we can all do it in our own way.

If we are running in circles because there’s so much we want to help out with I guess that’s an okay way to spend our days.

Thanks to you for reading and hanging around here.
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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!