Don't let your creativity get killed

The above photo is of the “corpses” of past beers that have been “killed off” in the history of Magic Hat Brewing.  We saw the tombstone when we took a tour of their facility a few weeks back in Vermont.
The entire brewery was loaded up with creative measures to make the Magic Hat story more than just that of one that brews beer and serves it in a bottle to you.
It had a special and genuine feel to every square inch of it.  

It reminded me that there’s so many times we are not encouraged to simply be a little strange and let our creativity run wild.
Consider this your pep rally to get wild with your creativity both in your personal and professional life.  To not let it get put in a tombstone with those Magic Hat beers!
We are told to hold our creativity in and go for the “safe bet” “sure thing” or “easy way out.”

There are no more safe bets in business or in life.
Sure things don’t exist now and they didn’t exist back in the day either.
And as for the easy way out…who wants to head down the easy path?  

Unless I’m climbing Mount Everest and they can promise me a way to avoid avalanches and falling into two hundred foot ice holes the easy way isn’t for me.
(PS: They can’t.  That’s what makes Everest so incredibly dangerous, terrifying, and fascinating to me.)

Your creativity is meant to shine through in everything you do.  
It’s literally amazing what you can let your creativity run wild on.  From the ways you call a friend, send a birthday card, contact a co worker or client, or the detail you can use to create something of value for this world.

We saw examples like this all over Vermont…
-The organic and sustainable farm that added a food truck of their fresh cheese and veggies.
-Our Airbnb host who made us breakfast not because it was promised but because she wanted to tell us stories and hear ours and get to know us better.
-“Viewing Areas” instead of “Rest Stops” on the highway.
-The pizza place and the craft brewery who split the lease and put a perfect combo in the same building.
-The winery that gave the most down to Earth tour of a vineyard I have ever seen.
-The spinning studio that put speakers outside so you can hear people getting fired up when working out inside.

The point is you are very creative.  Find a way to unleash it and don’t accept safe bets, sure things, or easy ways out anymore.
There might be more failures up front but the day in and day out joys you will receive in the long term when you refuse to let your creativity get put in a tombstone will far outweigh any troubling short term mishap!

Thanks to you for reading and hanging around here.
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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!