Are you a baby goat?

We were visiting the incredible Shelburne Farms in Vermont last week.
Beyond firmly planting their goals of a healthier and more sustainable food world they take world class care of all their animals.  And just hours before I arrived they two baby goats were born.

I would assume you are probably not a baby goat…(but if you are...thanks for finding this blog...kick me over with your hind legs next time you see me for assuming wrong!)

When visiting the farm I saw the two baby goats who were less than 24 hours old and as you can see above they were doing their best already to learn to walk.
That above pic is one of their finer moments but man did they never quit.
They would hop or jump a few steps and fall over.  And get right back up...again and again and again.
I’m sure if they were hanging out with the older goats that day or a naysaying pig they would have been told they were too young to walk.
But they weren’t…and they had the mindset that no matter how young they were they would get to walking as soon as possible.

What can you be a baby goat at?
Is there something in its infancy that you would be told by somebody to not even attempt to do?

Whatever it is that you are a baby at right now…get up and try hard.  And when you fall down…get back up again.
The more we act like baby goats in our personal and professional lives the more we will fail…but ultimately from there it will mean the more we will succeed.

Go get your baby goat on!

Thanks for reading and hanging around here.
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