Fighting for a Common Goal

Common Goals...

They get talked about a lot within an organization.

We always come up with a way to incorporate them into a conversation.

But how often are common goals acted upon and delivered the credit they deserve?

I watched an outstanding documentary last weekend that anyone can watch for free HERE about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

For those unfamiliar with it, the trail was made mainstream recently with the success of Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild and the film adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon, the PCT is a 2,600 plus mile trail that stretches from the Mexican to the Canadian border.  You pass through the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Crater Lake National Park, and the Cascades in Washington and so much more along the way.

I’ve been on the trail for moments of a thru hike and many people hike parts of it each year but there are about 1,000 people who achieve the home run each year of traversing the entire distance.

This film focuses in on those 1,000 or so people that did it in 2014 and what struck me about them was the persistence and willingness to commit to one common goal and do whatever it took to achieve it.

Much like writing a book it seems like a painstakingly slow process on day one. 
But the only way to actually succeed (or fail) the goal is to commit each day to doing it or not doing it. Followed by spending the day getting ever closer or farther to the eventual end goal.

All of those people on the PCT have a common goal each year of finishing.  And while daily mileages may differ or hiking equipment may vary this group is out there every day with the same common goal in mind.

Each year a group gets sent out to achieve this common goal and each year dedication and time are put into it and an ever smaller group succeeds.

Persistence, guts, and maybe a little bit of luck all get thrown into reaching it.

Are you working at a place with common goals that have this type of dedication getting attached to them?  

Where you are fighting to reach them?

Do you yourself have these types goals within the group you manage or a part of?

When everyone is on board and is locked in to a common goal that organization can accomplish anything.  Even truly outlandish things and overcoming crazy obstacles (like the ability to spend six months in the wilderness hiking from Mexico to Canada.)

Places like this still exist and if the place that you are at doesn’t have these types of common goals there are opportunities for you to create them and get the buy in from everyone involved to go out and achieve them.

The business world more times than not would look at a group of people who lock their stuff into storage and go hike for six months as unprofessional and unmotivated individuals.
I would go the exact opposite and say businesses and teams could use a few more “PCT Hikers” on their teams to help them inspire those around them to create, stick with, and fight for achieving common goals.

Plus anyone who has the cajones to commit to an undertaking like that is good to have around I think because bravery in business is an increasingly rare trait.  We have plenty who are willing to blend in but not many wanting to stand out.

If you see a common goal being ignored around you…take the chance to inspire and lead and see where it will take you.

If nothing else you will learn and grow as a result of your attempt to reach that common goal.

Best case…you’ll think it was easy to reach and set out on your own “PCT” or as I like to call it Hot Dog Stand in your life!

Onward my friend, thanks for reading and hanging around here.

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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!