Passionate Living Volume Eight: Looking

“We cannot remember too often that when we observe nature, and especially the ordering of nature, it is always ourselves alone we are observing.” --Georg C. Lichtenberg

Just stop and take it all in…
Not taking a picture…not thinking about the next place you have to be…or who might be calling you in a few minutes…or all the incredible things you want to accomplish…or unfortunately all the terrible things that are currently happening in the world.

Just stop and take it all in…
The beautiful view.  
The birds chirping and flying from tree to tree outsmarting the high strung squirrel.
The grateful old couple taking it slow and still capable of taking a mid day walk.
The cook baking up something fresh.
The kids who are playing in the street for no reason other than the fact that it’s fun.
The intensity by the runners or the basketball players at the park.
The sunrise.
The laughter from the other people at the coffee shop.
The dynamic moves by the dancer at the show.
The crashing waves of the seemingly endless ocean.

Looking is an underrated opportunity for how you can experience your day and how you can live your life.
We seem to rush past the beauty of what we are passing by.
If we take the chance to stop and even just spend ten or fifteen measly seconds engulfing ourselves in what is around us we might be taken aback.

We can do it wherever we want…at anytime we want…when something special is happening take the chance to dig in, look, and enjoy.
The idea of living passionately is more than just waiting for the next Friday, the next holiday, or the next vacation.

It’s about seeing the beauty of 365 days and the moments that happen within each of these days.
Take a look around and discover what you can see.

When you look you can learn.  When you learn you can see.  When you see you can empathize.  When you empathize you can understand.
And once you understand you can begin to make change you have always wanted to occur before you even started to look.

Live passionately my friends…and start looking!

Thanks for being part of the crew as always, I’m glad you are here!

What is the point of all of this?
To find my passion and live it…to encourage others to do the same…to then build something awesome in the world from the ground up…and get a crack like addiction to raw inspiration along the way.

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