Passionate Living Volume Seven: Learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you will live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Wow.  Breathtaking words and a perfect segway into volume 7 of the passionate living series.  If you have missed the spots on the previous six get over to that sidebar and click on Busta Rhymes to jump into the archives…it’s worth it!

Learning.  Something that is becoming completely synonymous with the beginning of your life.
You go to school and you learn, you graduate from high school and all of that learning to either go to college or learn a job.  You graduate from college to learn a job and for the rest of your life you perform that job.

But wait?

If there is so much to be learned from…give or take the ages 3-22…why is there so little to learn from 23 until the day we know longer inhabit our bodies on this planet?

I’m not here to give you the answer as to why we think that but to encourage you to rather presume that is not true (what do we have to lose) and to live passionately by never stopping in the pursuit of learning.
I’m off to Springfield Ohio today with my buddies Don and Chuck to learn about interactive digital media, marketing, and advertising at an all day seminar.
Even though my “title” in my career is Marketing Manager I know my learning has just begun in that position and I’m a complete novice compared to most.
Today I will learn, then hopefully apply tomorrow, and rinse and repeat forever.  It’s the only way we can continue to grow in our careers.

But what about outside of our careers?  Is “learning” still worth it?

Here’s a handful of things I’ve taught myself or gone to classes on since graduating college and supposedly putting an end to my “learning” in life.  Whether mastering these, being a novice, or just being flat out bad is not the point…it’s the process and what happens to your life as a result of this “learning.”

1) Foreign Languages
2) Writing
3) Photography
4) Speaking Classes
5) Website building
6) Swimming
7) Mountain Climbing
8) Wood Work
9) History
10) Digital Marketing
11) Coaching
12) Running
13) Meditation
14) Cooking
15) Growing a beard
16) Social Media Marketing for Hot Dog Month!

A small snippet and none of this includes the everyday learning I get from just talking to other people.  Truly a lost art!
Passionate living awaits you…your opportunities are endless…learn as you go…go now and learn my friend!

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