Marketing for Awesome

What kind of marketing can we do to get people to care more?

What kind of digital advertising would help someone get more clicks?

How can you incorporate social media into getting people more engaged and excited about our brand?

All good questions.
We could sit here and drone on and on for paragraphs about how you need to conduct proper research, know the right digital channels in which more conversions might occur, future shifts in the business landscape that might benefit or threaten you, or the next impact mobile phones will have on how people digest their social media.

Or we can sit here and decide to be awesome.
Because when we make the committed decision to be awesome at what we do marketing becomes a whole lot easier.
Striving for awesome is not easy but it’s a helluva lot more fun than the alternative.

Marketing for a cause like awesome brings sheer joy and exuberance to all those involved and it shines through when it’s marketed.
The marketing doesn’t just take care of itself but like I said it certainly becomes a tad bit easier.  However you will probably spend more time on it because all of the sudden you become such a perfectionist and have so much passion for it that you find yourself trying to stretch your “awesome” message to lengths you had never thought.

The book in the photo at the top of this post landed in my lap last Saturday as a birthday gift from my wonderful wife and I’m truly grateful for this gift.  (Thank you Jill!)
The story of Kid President has already grabbed me and I’m positive it will continue to grab a hold of me and not let go (though I’m only on page 20!)

Kid President is awesome.  He wants you to be awesome.  And he’s so damn happy it’s easy to spread such an awesome story because we genuinely want to do it.
I won’t ruin the book but awesome does not come without its trials and tribulations and Kid Prez has already had his fair share in his life, but he doesn’t care.  It certainly isn’t going to prevent him from trying to spread awesome all over the world.

Maybe the magic word is actually not only awesome but “genuine.”
That’s all we really want isn’t it?  To believe that what we are seeing and experiencing is genuine.
To know that the businesses we are supporting are who they say they are and the people we support are as genuine as they appear to be.
We like to market and spread genuine.  And awesome.  And incredibly inspiring things like Kid President.  70 broken bones before the age of 12 hasn’t slowed him down.  Not one bit.

Shoot for awesome.  Strive to be genuine.  The marketing should take care of itself if you do the first two.

Thanks for being part of the crew as always, it’s awesome to have you around!  
Email me at with questions or comments, I’m here to help.

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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!