Gentle Reminders

We'll be back next week on Thursdays with the Passionate Living Series and more marketing tips for your life and business but for now a short gentle reminder from the hot dog world!

We do all have a hot dog stand in our lives.  Something that lights us up.  A way to spend our days that makes us not feel like cogs in machines...we don't have to feel like our lives being drained away by something that we don't believe in or love.

The answer is tapping into your passions and believing in yourself.  Some comforts may go away but other comforts and satisfactions will arrive.

I've been reminded over the past few weeks with the blessings of a wonderful trip overseas with my wife to visit great friends and meet many incredible people and with the passing of a few people close to me in my life of the gentle reminder that this is our one shot.

At the end of the day we have an opportunity to take it all in and ride the wave as long as it will allow us...and by not wasting a precious moment of it doing something that isn't up to our standard of how we want to live should not be included in that day.

This is a gentle nudge that whatever is tapping at you to do more of...go do it!  Live full and live grateful.  We have a very fortunate circumstance to be alive in this beautiful world and we should take full advantage of it by doing what we love, seeing those we care about as much as we can, exploring whatever it is that we are passionate about, and being kind to all.

Tap into that hot dog stand today...and I'll be there doing the same!

If you need tips or help on how to do it I'm at, my two BOOKS will help you on the journey, and if you need 14 more hours per week to get there because you don't currently have the time well my Efficiency Recipe should do the trick!

Thanks for being part of the crew.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!