Where's your Hollywood?

Hollywood has created that image of being the magical place where dreams come true.
Where struggles turn into breakthroughs and people make something out of nothing.

It’s a place where people come from all over the world to fight the good fight (or perhaps the not so good fight) or to simply pay homage.

We all have our own version of Hollywood.

For a teacher it might be when the whole class receives A’s and B’s and they didn’t just pass the tests but they truly understand and feel the material they learned.

For a business it is creating and finally selling something to someone who truly needs it.

For a coach it is creating a mission for the team rather than focusing on how many games they win or lose.

For a country it is finally getting to that place where equality exists and everyone has water, food, and shelter.

When you get to Hollywood the sign is small, distant, and looks hard to get to.
That’s what it seems like at times in our lives to get to those places we want to reach.
Minuscule, far off in the great abyss, and seemingly impossible to reach.

But one step.  Then another step.  And then another.  Rinse then repeat as many times as you have to in order to get you there.

And you’ll eventually get there.  It’s about taking action, accepting responsibility, and understanding not everyone cares nor will everyone understand what you are doing.

When you arrive however the lights will be shining and your red carpet will be rolled out.

And it will be well deserved and totally worth it.

Make your goal today.  What is one major thing you want to accomplish for yourself and others in the next six months?

What will it take to get there?  What are the steps?

Then take the biggest jump of all and take the first step!

Thanks for being part of the crew as always, it’s awesome to have you around!  Questions about how to take these steps to reach your goal?
Email me at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com, I’m here to help.

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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!