Knowing it all or Knowing Nothing

As my career at 97.1 The Fan winds down I have begun to think back on my almost seven years here.

The compassion and kindness shown by my co workers this past week and a half has been truly unbelievable and something I’ll never forget in my life.

There’s a reason you call people mentors for life and my manager TM has been a constant reminder of this.  Someone with class that will always be an important part of my life; and my leaving will distance us in one aspect but I’m sure bring us closer in other aspects.

When it comes to my blog however…let’s point out some Marketing Fun With Mike weaknesses and faults!

I started this blog because I felt I had a story to tell about doing “sports marketing right.”  It was a platform to help people learn better applications for their businesses or for their marketing careers to grow and stretch themselves.

Knowing it all was something I thought I possessed at the time of the blog debut.

Knowing Nothing was the truth.

And to tell you the honest truth I still know closer to nothing than knowing it all.

I’ve written close to 500 blog posts since I started at the radio station and launched Marketing Fun With Mike.  Those 500 blog posts have taught me that knowing nothing is okay and that is clearly where I started as opposed to knowing it all.

What have I learned?

That you can do anything you want in this world.  Writing has opened my eyes to so many new stories, ways of life, ideas, relationships, and a way in which to view the world.

These blog posts started out to help a business that I work with but wound up helping me in just as many ways I think.

There are faults and weak lines in my writing and that is something I will constantly try to improve.  But I have learned that they only way you will get better is to continue on and put yourself out there in the world.

To attempt to do your best each and every day will not always get you to all of your goals but will certainly make you a winner.

I’ve learned that success in marketing and sales is nothing more than being an honest to goodness kind and hard working human being who cares more about how people feel than how tricky and catchy your shiny toy is.

It’s taught me there are a lot of geniuses out there putting their work to good use in many different ways.  Some are able to affect millions of people, some only one person.

But that’s another thing I’ve learned.  Putting your work out there is worth it even if just one person feels it and becomes inspired or grows from it.

Millions of people talking about hot dog stands and fun marketing and #2MoreHours and the Efficiency Recipe would of course be incredible and humbling.  But even if one person has been vibrated then it’s all good in my book.

All I can implore to you is don’t fall into the trap that I did.  Be open to your weaknesses and harness growth because it can happen to you until the die you pass.  Enjoy each day and be proud of what you do and stand up for hot dog stands, good vibes, and funny things all you can!

Marketing Fun With Mike continues on through my transition only this time I hope that I realize how much more I need to learn, offer, and help everyone with and that we are always closer to knowing nothing than knowing it all.

And that’s my goal…to continue to give you opportunities to live the life you want and deserve.

Thanks for being part of the crew as always, I’m glad you are here!  Let me know any questions you have in how I can help you grow and thrive in your professional career in sales, marketing, efficiency, or personal branding at

If you need help with finding your hot dog stand my BOOKS will help and if you finally are ready to free up 14 hours per week to live the life you want and deserve purchase and download a copy of my Efficiency Recipe for just $29.00 to get the ball rolling, and rolling fast!

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem,