Passionate Living Volume Five: Walking

It seems like such a silly thing to do.

Why take the time to walk somewhere when you can drive?

That might just be the point.  To take the time to get somewhere!

With another edition of the passionate living series we are going to explore walking.  Something we all embrace as children, begin to loathe as teenagers, are forced back into during college if attending a sprawling campus, and finally totally abandon for the rest of our lives unless we live in a metropolitan city that relies on public transportation.

Can I tell you a secret?  If you don’t walk places you are missing out on little bursts of joy in your life and I encourage you to give it a try!

Walking of course keeps you healthy and limber.  But it also gives opportunities for you to see and hear the neighborhood you live in and discover it in a whole new fashion.  Walking gives you the ability to experience the little things like the neighborhood dog, the cool house being built, the artist building a mural in their front yard, or the gardener planting her spring plants.

We are always in a rush to from place to place and walking allows you the opportunity to slow down and experience the world around you.  It’s an outstanding way to explore a new area you have just arrived in; I like to start every place I’m at for the first time with a morning run to take in the area.

You will start to enjoy the chirping of the birds and the smell of fresh cut grass again.  The biggest discover you will make is how close a lot of things are and you will be floored that you used to and others still do drive to them!

We had a work breakfast last week and four co workers got into their cars and drove the quarter mile back to the station while I walked.  I waited for them outside of the radio station to park their car so we could walk in together as I had already arrived.

Even if you live in a cold place walking in the winter is great.  No one else is out and you move faster than the traffic on a snowy day.

I’m not suggesting you start walking from Colorado to California on your next road trip but give it a shot to go on a 30 minute walk each day around your neighborhood, the next time you are headed somewhere under a mile walk instead of drive, and when you arrive in a new area you have never been before start the first morning off with a stroll through the area to acclimate yourself with its surroundings.

The little joys that can be held on a walk are hard to match even on the biggest and most far away adventures.  As someone who loves to travel I will say I get just as much joy from walking the neighborhood and to places to meet people as I do from heading off to some “elusive” destination.  Passionate living is all about experiencing things each and every day that are in “your backyard” and basking in the moment of it.

Walking places instead of driving is an outstanding way to do it.

Hope you give it a try!

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