More than One Hot Dog Stand

I’ve always talked about that you can have more than one hot dog stand, aka passion or calling in your life, and that it can evolve and change.

Or that you have more than one at any given time.  The theme though is that every single one of us has one in our lives and we need to live that passion or calling each day to truly be our happiest and fullest selves.

With that said after almost seven years at the sports talk radio station that I hold near and dear to my heart I’ve decided it was time for a new adventure and a new hot dog stand.

Continuing my passion of relationship marketing, cause marketing, and helping businesses that want to operate the right way I’ve accepted a partner position with my friends at Gatehouse Media in Columbus Ohio as Marketing and Project Manager to help businesses all over the country thrive and not just survive.

I’m sure more info to come on that when I start in a month or so but for now a few takeaways of why having more than one hot dog stand in your life might happen to you.

1)      Skill sets and knowledge.  Complacency can be a killer and letting yourself stop learning new skills and gaining more knowledge when you are a passionate individual just isn’t an option.  New hot dog stands can be risky but it’s the only way to see what you are made out of.

2)      When you build relationships the right way you can keep them.  Leaving a place on good terms and leaving behind a base of what you built there (legacy work, good accounts, organization, fun memories, etc) will enable you to not have to “start over.”  Burning bridges makes that a whole lot harder.

3)      We have but one life to live.  Live it all you can.  Life is precious and not a moment should be wasted.  Try new things, explore, dream, and discover like Mark Twain said.  Having a new hot dog stand gives you that opportunity.

To be truly grateful and appreciative of each day can be a wonderful feeling and the best way I know how to do that is to know at the end of the day I did all I could do to help all those I run into and do work with meaning.

I’ve done that for a long time at the radio station and I’m thankful and grateful for every day I had the opportunity to work there and my new hot dog stand will only let that mindset continue, in a different and new manner.  Nothing is going to change around here at Marketing Fun With Mike, except hopefully more skills and processes learned to help you each day live the life you want and deserve.

Thanks for being part of the crew as always, I’m glad you are here!  Let me know any questions you have in how I can help you grow and thrive in your life at

If you need help with finding your hot dog stand my BOOKS will help and if you finally are ready to free up 14 hours per week to live the life you want and deserve purchase and download a copy of my Efficiency Recipe for just $29.00 to get the ball rolling, and rolling fast!

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem,