Passionate Living Volume Four: Traveling

“Marty where we are going, there are no roads.” —Doc Brown in Back to the Future.

That’s what it seems like traveling has gotten to.  It’s never enough and the more you do it you have to go to places that are so far off the beaten path there are no roads to get there.
You’ll have to team up with Marty and the Doc to hover into.

But it’s not actually the case.
Traveling can be done on a small budget or large budget.  It can be done domestically or internationally.
You can go for 48 hours or for six months.  It’s all about choices.

But it leads to passionate living there is no doubt about that.  My wife and I do an extended amount of travel and the more we have done the more we yearn to do more.  We are able to do a lot of traveling because of “travel hacking” through Southwest’s Companion Pass, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and making sure every point or mile we accrue is used in the most efficient way possible.  (Not only do I work efficiently but I travel efficiently too!  If you want the framework for it the Efficiency Recipe is available HERE!)
We pay for some but we get quite a bit of it for free.  (No kids, no mortgage, no debt, and not saving every penny until retirement also help make it happen!)  

If you want to know more about this “travel hacking” stuff Million Mile Secrets and The Art of Non Conformity are two of my faves.  A quick search on these topics on google will also yield you thousands of pages of results.

Whether you are a novice or experienced traveler, someone who years to do more of it or you have never enjoyed it, here’s a list of how traveling can lead to passionate living.

Knowledge.  It will open your eyes to a way of life you don’t know and you will learn from it.  No matter where you go.  People live differently all over the world and even if you do it domestically all over your country.  You will learn a lot.

It challenges you to grow.  It’s not easy going to some places and you might be tired or worn out upon arrival.  You face the challenge of going out and seeing things anyway.

Adventure.  You can have the adventures of a lifetime!

Empathy.  Seeing how others live might make you more empathetic to other people and places in this world.

Kindness, Gratitude, and Compassion.  All of those can be picked up from traveling, from even the smallest interaction.

Fun.  You might even have some fun when you go!!

Beauty.  Whether it’s the beauty of new food, great photos, awesome people there’s beauty awaiting in what you will find when you travel.

Better driving or reading skills.  If you go by car you will certainly become a better driver and if you go by air you will certainly become a better reader as the time passes in the air.

Awe and wonder.  They await and find themselves in little ways as you go somewhere.

Help.  It might just make you want to help the world more because you see what else is out there.

The list could go on but if you view it less as a bucket list scratch off and more as a fun way to grow then traveling is a quintessential way to living passionately!

The other things is you certainly can do these things but you don’t have to wait until you retire, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it, and you can do it with kids.  I did it growing up and any kid I have will too.
That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with waiting until retirement or doing it expensive if you have the money, just debunking some urban legends of traveling.  
It’s your life you choose how to live it and how to travel!

Finally a few hot spots that are favorites of mine in the world of travel you might not have considered before…
1) A small town with a bed and breakfast less than two hours from where you live.  Go spend the weekend there and you’ll be shocked what is basically “in your backyard.”
2) Moab Utah…a gateway to adventure!
3) Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.  Start off with some food trucks in Portland, craft beers in Bend, then be shocked at what awaits you on the desolate road to Crater Lake.
4) A trip to visit some family and friends that live far off.  There’s no better way to go somewhere you’ve never been than with people who live there.  They’ll know all the great local spots and behind the scenes of the area.
5) Italy.  I’m Italian so totally biased.  I could live in Florence though for real.
6) Wherever free points or miles can be redeemed for.  I’ve found there’s something for everyone anywhere you go.  If you can go for free or on the cheap something awaits you!
7) Columbus Ohio.  There’s a reason I’ve lived here since I was 18…it rocks…come visit us!
8) Business.  It’s a great eye opener and starter to visit somewhere.  Stay an extra 48 hours after your work is done and bring your spouse or a friend.

Hope this gives you a possible different or new perspective on traveling.
It’s a topic I’m truly passionate about so if you ever have any questions about places to go or things to do I’m at

Remember…live passionately my friend.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!