Good Business Starts With...

It starts with giving out good vibes.  And if you believe in the Law of Attraction it means good vibes will come your way.

What does “spread good vibes” mean when it comes to doing good business?

Here are some examples:

1)      Sending a thank you card and being grateful to every client or prospect after you meet.

2)      Being empathetic with your co workers and keeping a non hostile work environment from being created.

3)      No matter where you are in the business world (sales, management, finance, accounting, business owner, marketing, etc) it means doing things the right way the first time.  Not after someone complains or something gets screwed up.  But doing it right because it’s the way you operate.

4)      Have a culture and a mission for your career and doing your best to live it each and every day without judging how others may live or not live theirs.

5)      Not just switching partners because of a lower cost.

6)      Valuing the relationships you have and want to continue to build.

7)      Understanding that business isn’t perfect and things won’t always go your way but it’s not meant as a personal attack on you, even if you care deeply.

8)      Being passionate and standing up for what you believe in albeit in a respectful way.

9)      Holding the door open.

10)   Waving to your co worker in the parking lot when you see them.

11)   Remembering your client’s hobbies and passions outside of work.

12)   Doing everything you can to enable your client success and only choosing to work with clients that align with doing business the right way.

When you operate from a good vibes standpoint in business it will fill you up with energy and passion all day long.

You’ll be shocked at what gets reciprocated as well.  A lot of times people don’t understand how things can seem so good, seem so easy, and seem so fun when it comes to how people who spread good vibes all day long go about their day.

When it’s realized that doing good business starts with spreading good vibes it’s easy to see and the yearn to implement it comes!

We need more good vibes out there and more people who want to operate in business professions who put this first and profits and budgets second.

Challenge yourself to take a few of the examples from the list today and start spreading those good vibes.

It will be worth it I promise.

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Thanks for being part of the crew; I’m glad you are hanging out here!

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem.