Your Incredible Cubicle

You say you work in a cubicle huh?!
Let the jokes begin…
I’m back.  I didn’t feel the need to write any of those jokes down because everyone has heard them and there’s no need to repeat them.  Plus a lot of us work in them…talk about poking the bear.
But I have news for you.
(Shhh don’t tell your middle management this…they won’t like it…)
The news is your cubicle can be incredible!

Mindset can give us or take from us in everything we do in life and if we choose to let a negative mindset invade our lives it will snatch everything in its path.

On the flip side a positive, locked in, and passionate mindset will destroy negative energy and squash gossip, drama, and piddly BS unlike anything you have ever seen.

Your cubicle can be an incredible space if you let it.  It doesn’t have to be the vain of your existence.
What if you have no choice but to stay at your job?
What if you actually like your job and it’s your hot dog stand?
What if your job is just a temporary landing pad until you have the time to launch an awesome idea from the ground up?  The Efficiency Recipe is on sale and available HERE to give you the time to do that!

No matter the situation and reason for you being in that cube if you lock yourself into a positive mindset that your cubicle is an incredible place it can and will be!

What are some ways to make your cubicle straight up incredible? Tweet it up!

1) Get a swiss ball chair or a stand up desk. 
When I attended the World Domination Summit “Good Life Inspirational Awesome Guy” Jonathan Fields told my wife “Sitting is our generation’s smoking.”  It stuck with me and I have been standing ever since.  Not only are we too sedentary but it makes us tired, lethargic, and have bad posture.
2) Put up something that is actually inspirational! 
Your manager gave you that cheeseball print out of “Top 10 things to make this company more money” sign but does that actually get you fired up?  How about some Tony Robbins, John Wooden, MLK Jr, or Winston Churchill quotes on your cube walls my friend?  Print ‘em and tape ‘em up!
3) Clean your filthy desk. 
Your cubicle will become a lot more incredible once it stops looking like a pig trough.  Spit shine that bad boy.
4) Pictures of your incredible relationships. 
I’m not just talking that nice wedding day pic of you and your significant other.  How about the one with the two of you hands up as you rip down your favorite roller coaster?  Or the one of you and your buddies at the 24/7 Inn N Out Burger after an all night rager in Las Vegas?  At the end of the day all we have are our relationships.  Post some funny, engaging pics all over your cube of those that matter to you. They’ll also lend to some hilarious stories with your co workers.
5) Decor. 
I have a “Carpe Diem” plaque (words that I use often on here) and a Dwight and Hugh Hefner bobblehead.  Those are both stupid unadulterated fun.  And fun is good and necessary in order to have an incredible cubicle!
6) Your mission and goals. 
Why do you do what you do every day?  Your family, kids, purpose in life, etc.  Whatever it is.  Have it out to remind yourself of why you are there every day.

Look I’m not an interior decorator here but I’ll tell you one thing…there’s a lot of people out there who like their jobs but don’t allow the space in which they do their job to be that much fun.
If you are a 9 to 5er get after making that cubicle incredible…it will lift your spirits when the days seem long, build rapport with your co workers, and create that mindset to remind you to tap into your passions each and every day you are there.

If you are an entrepreneur…well what are you doing working in a cubicle?!?!
Get back to the beach or your parents basement okay!

Thanks for reading everyone, I truly appreciate you being part of the crew.  If you are looking for all things passionate living and inspiration you are in the right place.
Tell a friend, share a post, or just take it all in…whatever you prefer!

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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!