Passionate Living Volume Two: Volunteering

Why are we talking about ways to live passionately on a so called “marketing” blog?

I’ll face the facts first…it’s more than just a “marketing” blog.  It’s a lifestyle blog and no matter how many times I get told to carve out more of a “niche” I’m drawn to another topic beyond marketing because of my fascination with EVERYTHING in the world!


If you want to market yourself to the world and advance yourself personally or professionally living passionately is a big part of that.  If you wake up miserable, annoyed, and negative towards the world that marketing of yourself to everyone around you will be seen and heard.

And advancement to whatever your goals are in life will be much harder.

If you missed volume one on cooking check it out in the archives and over the coming Thursdays on here we are going to look at ways in which you can try out different things to live passionately.

In hopes to inspire you to tap into more of your passions on a daily basis and market your true best self to this world.

Not just when you are on vacation or finally retire from the man…but each and every day.

Volume Two: Volunteering!

Volunteering might just be the easiest way to achieve happiness on a daily basis.  It is vastly underrated for a way in which you can help make the world a better place but get something in return that is immeasurable!

Not everyone has gotten to the point where they live their hot dog stand for a career.  In the meantime you have the opportunity to tap into a cause or two that you are truly passionate about and begin volunteering there.

It’s hard to describe until you do it.  But volunteering will give you so much more than you can ever imagine.  My wife is about 25% of the way through her 50 Charity Challenge and it’s even opened my eyes up to more opportunities and ways in which you can volunteer to help the world.

We all know the benefits of what you can bring to the table when you volunteer somewhere.  You are helping a cause you believe in make a difference to someone or something in this world.

Here’s what isn’t always talked about…

-Volunteering makes you happier.  Seriously studies show it.

-Volunteering is easy and cheap.  Tons of places need help and it’s free other than maybe some gas money or if you bring a pot of coffee for the hard working paid staff.

-Volunteering expands your knowledge of the community you live around and the world you reside in.

-Volunteering will give you the chance to make new friends and connections and might lead to bigger opportunities down the road to help you grow personally and professionally.

-Volunteering just might transform some of your world views in a good way.

When I first started volunteering as a basketball coach I felt it was “my obligation” to do something to give back to this world.

After nine seasons I can honestly say it gives me just as much back as I offer it and I wouldn’t be the same without it.

How can you get started?

Pick a cause or just pick an event that needs help.  I do stuff for the school that I coach at, walk dogs at a no kill animal shelter, and help out with the after school and summer programs at Volunteers of America.

I built a basketball camp and some of my favorite non profits are Alzheimer’s, Charity Water, Mid Ohio Food Bank, Room to Read, the Malala Fund, and Donors Choose.

But you don’t even need to volunteer at an organization if you don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Could your elderly neighbor use a friend to listen to music with?

Do you like to knit or cook?  You can simply do that and give it away to places that need it.

Does an overworked friend need a free babysitter?

The point is there is something for everyone.

If you want to live passionately and get lit up inside and out for something that costs you nothing than your time and do something you will get back tenfold in return then I suggest volunteering.

Start small and you’ll be shocked at how addicting it can become!

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