Why are you marketing to them?

It’s a good question to ask yourself each and every day.  Why are you marketing to them?

If you are in sales or marketing the answer usually relates back to “We need them to buy what we have.”  But that’s not really an adequate answer in business anymore.  If it is your business or the business you work for might be in trouble in the long term.

Instead think about the solution and what problem you are trying to solve.

Marriott and AirBnB market to me because I love to travel and I know no matter where I go in the world what I can expect from one of their places when I show up.  Comfort, convenience, and a great launching pad for whatever adventure I am about to embark on.

Green Bean Delivery markets to me that they have fresh, organic, and locally grown fruits and vegetables.  They get my business because that’s how I want to consume my produce.  Even if it’s a little pricier I’d rather not have it rot in a day or be covered in pesticides.

Outstanding restaurants, whether it be the most expensive or the cheapest, that are around for decades market the authentic experience you will get when dining with them.  Not the fact that you can get 20 chicken nuggets (is it chicken?) for three dollars.

These are just a few small examples of how I see businesses marketing to me in a fun non-interruptive way that are winning my business. 

If we start concentrating on delivering happiness to the consumer and have a true reason for why they should do business with us then we are connecting with them.

Shoving something into their face and down their throats until they give in to your lowest price might work short term.  But it’s a transactional strategy.

Focus all of your efforts in how you connect with your customers on offering them something that truly makes a difference in their lives.  And focus on nothing but that.  If you do that instead of focusing on a shiny and cheaper way to push yourself onto them over and over again business should take care of itself.

If it doesn’t…at least in your heart you know you gave it your best shot.

The more you make it fun, light hearted, convenient, and make them smile as well the more your marketing will truly make the lasting impact you are hoping it would!

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