The March into Digital Advertising

It’s almost as if businesses need to say they are doing digital or that they want to do digital advertising or they will feel left out or behind the times.
And while they are correct…there’s a strong difference between doing digital advertising and understanding digital advertising.
We are all marching into the digital world and instead of marching in circles the goal should always be a forward march in growth and the value you can offer people when utilizing it.

Here are three concepts I have learned about digital that might be helpful to understand and become an expert in:

  1. Viewable Impressions.  Are people seeing the entire ad or just a portion of it?  Make sure that the impressions you are offering someone are actually being seen.  There are lots of tracking services that can provide this.  It should only count, according to IAB, if someone sees at least 50% of the digital ad for over one second.
  2. Google Ad Blocker!  Hello Hello Hello…but there’s a whole generation of people who are blocking display ads.  Display ads on random websites just aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Know other forms that you can use that get around this to reach people who are blocking you.
  3. Frequency.  This is a big one that people seem to forget.  We are all taught in the advertising and marketing world that a message needs frequency to work.  The same is for digital.  Measure your frequency just like any marketing or advertising strategy you are looking to implement.

Hope this helps provide a little value in the murky watered march into digital advertising!

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