Gathering Your Data

Data is everywhere.

The QBR stats in football, the stock market ebbs and flows, political surveys, and of course the results of every single “customer survey” around.
We are constantly looking at data to make informed decisions.
But what about gathering your own data?  And compiling it yourself?  For your own benefit and use in your life and the life of those who your work affects?

Let’s imagine some questions we might ask if conducting a data and research survey about ourselves and career trajectory.

Are you passionate about the work you do?

Do you believe in the opportunities your career currently possesses?

Are there new ways in which you can grow professionally?

What else do you want to accomplish this year?

What are you most excited to do tomorrow at your job?

How can you become more unique and valuable in what you do?

Is there a new skill set you long to learn and feel that you need?

Are there short term and long term goals that you believe you can achieve sooner than previously though?

Is the industry you are in fit for your future?

Consider it a focus group of one!  That one is yourself.

The more data we gather ourselves the better and more informed decisions we are able to make about our own future.
For a world that psycho analyzes data we fall a little short in gathering our own data and encouraging ourselves to listen to what we see, feel, and hear.  
Improving ourselves and making ourselves the best we can be starts by listening to ourselves.

When we listen, are open with the feedback, and are honest with our futures the data and research starts to send us results that will help us make decisions that will lead to growth, new focus, and passionate action in how we work.

Yoda encouraged to let the force be with you, may the hot dog guy encourage to let the data be with you.
Don’t be afraid to back up your next big decision with more than a gut feeling!

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