The Easiest Way Out

Reading through my Runner’s World magazine yesterday I happened upon a story about an incredible running event that was started a few years ago.

Not just that but the gentlemen now encourages you to take part with him in it and start your own version of the event.
More details coming soon on what I have up my sleeve but the easiest thing to do would have been to just buzz through the article and ignore the idea of doing one myself.
The easiest way out.

Why do we begin to let our actions and thoughts drift to the notion that the easiest way to perform a task or do something is the best way?
Sure ignoring that running event idea would have been easy but it will definitely challenge me, inspire myself and others hopefully, teach, and raise awareness for an important cause.

Aren’t those factors incredibly more enticing than “the easy way out?”

When price rules the business world then we start taking the easiest way out.
When short term is the outlook for our careers then we start taking the easiest way out.  
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When we look at scratching it off the list instead of how to make it better then we start taking the easiest way out.

I’ve never heard a person who is retiring, aging and full of wisdom, or near the end of their days say that they were glad they always took the easiest way out of doing their work or performing duties for others in their life.
If that is the case then it seems that maybe we should flip that mindset and the easiest way out is a last resort choice, one that we only take when our backs are forced into it, rather than the norm!

So there I was on a Sunday afternoon with the blue sky out and the leaves all raked, with the option to ignore the calling in my head that another #TrackFriday running event needed to not only happen, but that I should be a part of putting it together.
Certainly not the easy way out once the chores were done.
More to come shortly on this Running event but I am very excited to share it with you.

Here’s to you making a decision that might not be the easiest one in terms of work involved but it will have the most long term and sustainable benefits for you and those around you.

Thanks for reading and being part of the crew!!
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