America's Best Idea

Acclaimed Filmmaker Ken Burns produced a documentary a few years ago on America’s National Parks system and appropriately labeled the series “America’s Best Idea.”

The National Parks are my favorite non international travel to embark on and as I finished up my final trip for 2015 to one of the parks last week (Shenandoah in Virginia) a few thoughts on America’s Best Idea and how they can relate to pushing you to a higher level and next stage in your life.

Three Thoughts on America’s Best Idea

  1. The parks remind you of how wide open the options are.  The meadows last forever and so are our opportunities for what to do in this world.
  2. Some things are out of your control.  It’s not what happens to us it’s how we react to it.  The parks will throw up bad weather on your vacation, give you a beautiful sunrise for no reason, and overall remind you of how important it is to not let what is out of our control take control of us.
  3. There is always a chance to do more.  One more trail, one more acre, the parks always give you the chance to do one more thing each and every day.  We can always do one more thing in our lives as well to improve ourselves or what we are surrounded by.

Non related to this post here is a list of my five favorite parks in America’s Best Idea that you should visit!

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)
  2. Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)
  3. Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)
  4. Acadia National Park (Maine)
  5. Zion National Park (Utah)

Whatever you do today, do it passionately and with an intent to push yourself to higher limits and enjoy it as you do it!

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