Personal Brand Celebrity Countdown Vol. 2

Reality TV has entered the Personal Branding Celebrity Countdown!

If you don’t think a personal brand gives you the opportunity to build a career around multiple ventures and doing different things in life then you need to check out reality TV.
Right or Wrong over whether it is a worthy profession…that’s a different debate for a different time.
From the Real Housewives to former athletes and to Kanye West and the Kardashians reality TV stars have some of the biggest personal brands in town.

Why are we talking about this?

Because the Personal Branding Recipe is out and available HERE!
It is my online program set to give you a step by step process to build your own personal brand, make your current one better, and to give you more control and passion in your career!
It’s the opportunity to be different than everyone else in your industry.
You can purchase a copy HERE and it will be delivered to your inbox via a zip file.  The payment is through Stripe which is the secured payment partner of Square Space.

Now let’s get back to the Situation!

Here’s a guy who grew up in Staten Island and when he lost his job as a fitness manager he started underwear modeling.
Just five years later no one recognized his real name but he made over $5 million dollars as “The Situation.”  The second highest paid reality TV star in 2010, he now has let his personal brand take him beyond Jersey Shore and into other industries and career opportunities.
Now he forgot to pay his taxes on $8 million in earnings but this blog is about personal branding not personal finance.

The Situation does and says some crazy stuff but he is who he is.  And he created one hell of a personal brand.
And you can too!  Head HERE to get started on building your personal brand.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours.  Shares are awesome, comments are encouraged, and more posts are below.  Thanks for being here.

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