Thanking Life


Thanksgiving in some of the world is just a few days away and it’s a time we gather with friends and family and hopefully slow down the to do lists and crank up the face to face conversations.
But one day is not enough.
Why not give it a try to thank life every day and not just the last Thursday of November as you sit on a couch comatose from your 3rd serving of mashed potatoes?!

The above quote comes from Ernest Hemingway and also appeared in one of my clients entranceways in a new framed picture headed into their yoga studio.

It’s a kind reminder that we have opportunities to give it all we got and thank life for what has been offered every single day.
But it is Ernest Hemingway…
So it’s also a profound and somewhat morbid reminder that those opportunities will someday be gone and we better not waste our time.

I thank you for being here today and making my life better.
I thank my wife for being my rock.
I thank my parents, my in laws, my grandparents, and all my family members for being role models and for the continual guidance.
I thank my friends for all the good times and great advice that will never end.
I thank my mentors for keeping me in check and pushing me.
I thank my co workers and bosses for challenging me.

I’m thankful for the beauty of the world but also recognize that beauty brings with it fragility.
Here’s to thanking life every day, sleeping good, living great, and shaking up a ruckus when we need to.
Thanks Ernest!

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