Simplicity Matters


Houston: We have an overload problem!

It seems that we have reached a point where there is an overload of everything.
An overload of blogs to look up, books to read, and people to follow on twitter.
An overload of sports and TV shows to watch when one season ends another immediately begins.
An overload of errands to run, charities to support, emails to read, people to see, and places to go.
Overload isn’t always a bad thing.  Too much clean water, overloads of random acts of kindness, and an overload of good relationships are great.
Businesses have an opportunity with this overload issue.  Instead of focusing on more features, more sales, more reasons to buy or do something they can take the other route: Simplicity.

Simplicity is a game changing philosophy in an overload world.
Tell your story and tell it well.  Make it basic, to the point, and valuable.
Solve problems and deliver happiness.
Seems too simple if that’s all you do?

Maybe that’s the point in a world of overload.
See how you can incorporate more simplicity into your work this week while making it more valuable for those who benefit.

Stick to the core outcomes you want to deliver.

If you want to get simple again in your life the Efficiency Recipe will deliver 14 hours back into your life each and every week!  That and my Personal Branding Recipe are available HERE!
Books are always HERE to get, read, and share.

Thanks for being here today, here’s to a value filled week that is also simple for you!

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