That Whole Reading Thing

That whole reading thing is pretty underrated.
Not just because there are tons of great non fiction writers out there telling stories of business (Seth Godin) incredible life hacking solutions (Tim Ferriss) mind blowing data analysis (Malcom Gladwell) or hot dog metaphors (Yours Truly.)

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Beyond that is the world of fiction.
I finished up The Lowland the other night and it reminded me of the true journey a great book can take you on, specifically a novel.
Without giving the book away we followed the journey and story of two brothers over their entire lifetimes and the ripples that were made in this world as a result of their existence.

We have the chance to make those same ripples in the world no matter how small they may seem.
We also are given the opportunity every day to feel those same ripples and get wrapped into a book that offers those feelings.

A few thoughts:
Give that whole reading thing a chance.
Read The Lowland if you want a novel.
Go make some ripples in your one special life just like authors do to us each and every day.

Thanks for reading and being part of the crew!!  Shares are appreciated and comments of your favorite recent book are encouraged.

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