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The 35th episode of the Hot Dog Stand Chronicles is now live and available to listen HERE on my podcast page.

It was my 2nd International Guest as Jonathan Senior from the Sheffield, England area joined the show.
For those of you not familiar with Sheffield it happens to be the hometown of Def Leppard! (Rock out if you so choose.)

Jonathan has a great story about going from living out of his car and doing high end management consulting away from his family to start a business specializing in helping ex athletes find careers and meaning after their sports days are over.

An ex high level athlete and current triathlete himself he had empathy and solutions. I think there’s a great need for more mentorship and leadership given to young men and women who spend their whole lives up to a point focused on playing sports and when it’s over that sports world is nowhere to be found.
Once again tune in HERE for our whole conversation.

My favorite quote from Jon was when I asked him what advice you have when motivating yourself or clients and he said “Let’s get on with it!” It sounds way cooler in audio with his killer English accent.
He can be found at www.Jonathan.biz and his book “The Crucial Decision: What to do after sport” is available on Amazon.
Check out our conversation HERE for a hot dog stand that is alive and well.

Nothing else today because it’s time to, in the words of Jonathan, get on with it!
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