The point of Content Marketing

Mark and Tom had another thought provoking podcast HERE yesterday and one topic they discussed was the future of and current state of content marketing.

Is content marketing becoming just a source for leads to get to a purchase?
They argue that yes it is but they also debate if that is the point of it or not.

Let’s jump backwards for a second.

What is content marketing?  This blog and my podcast are both examples of content marketing.  Free content that is designed to offer you value on my website.
But the issue now is everyone does it and the value that they are offering up front may not be any value at all but rather just a ploy to get people to purchase.
Often times as processes and strategies get more popular and widespread they change and evolve.

If everyone decides that the only real point of content marketing is to lure people in and lead to a sale you could be lead to think that it’s just another advertising strategy and it’s of no use anymore.


It might be just the opportunity you are looking for.  Because if your content marketing is truly valuable and has no strings attached except for offering “content” then you might be one of the few left doing it in an authentic and original way.

What is the point of content marketing?

To help others.  That’s it.  You can’t have an endgame and hope someone will land on your website, not get any value from what you offer, and then decide to become a customer.
Relationships don’t get built that way and products don’t get sold that way. Even if content marketing is jumping off a cliff it certainly doesn’t mean you have to jump with it.

Focus in on being a human, being aware of your customers or prospects passions, and doing everything you can with your content marketing to help them.
Give more than you ever expect to get back and you might just wind up receiving after all.
Choose to help solve problems and offer value and more times than not everything else will take care of itself.

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