What Customers Want

Before I start working on a marketing strategy for a client or writing a blog post on here I try to go back to what you or they would want.
What do you need?  How can we put something together that will work for the client and their customers?

Customers often get broken into two groups:

1) Transactional.  These are the businesses or products that fall into ease of use and the cheapest price.  The problem with the transactional world is someone is about to make it for cheaper.

2) Passionate use.  Yes I came up with this name but it refers to the groups of people who really believe or have passion for what the product or service brings to the table.

We think we have figured out which ones fall into which category and that might be the issue.
The company and the consumers decide each and every day which category they fall into.  Some industries that are typical “transactional” exchanges often have an outlier that falls into the “passionate use” category.

What do customers really want?  I think we just want to know that we are cared for, are appreciated, and make the use of everything simple, to the point, and have meaning behind it.
Customers often make the decision with the company whether they fall into the transactional or the passionate use category.

Customers don’t care either anymore which category we fall into because if they really want passionate use out of the transactional industry there is someone willing to do it.

If you are the business or work for the business know that you can pivot and switch if you want to.
If you are the customer know that you can pivot and switch if you want to.
Passionate use surely sounds like an opportunity for a longer term relationship but I’ll leave the choice up to you.

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