Setting Expectations

Expectations get set every single day.

When we choose to marry and dedicate our lives to someone that is an everyday thing, not just when we feel like it.  We have chosen to set those expectations.
The Cincinnati Bengals are 4-0 but most fans of the team don’t care.  The Bengals have made the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years and lost in the first round every time.  Everyone (including the team probably) only cares about winning a playoff game.  The Bengals did not choose to set those lofty expectations but their performance has determined it.

When we read a book we set the expectation that we want to be blown away.
When a sequel to a movie that we loves comes out the first movie has set the expectation that the sequel will be equally incredible.
Getting a big promotion at work sets the expectation for more top level performance out of the individual.
The doctor who cures one person from cancer now has set expectations for all the other patients being treated that they too have an improved chance for remission.

For some reason we have allowed the advertising and marketing world to hold and keep low expectations of how they reach us.

TV advertising that screams at us and interrupts our favorite show.
The credit card industry that sends you cards you haven’t asked for in the mail with a “You’ve been approved” letter attached even if your credit is bad.
The focus on a lower price and how bad the competition is instead of the joy or solution that something can get you.
Telemarketers that used to call you in the middle of dinner.
Companies that sign you up for their email newsletter without your permission.

We let them off the hook to quote Denny Green.  Watch HERE for reference.
We hold our spouses, family members, and friends to high expectations.
Our sports teams, community events, entertainment options, non profits, and yes even a lot of politicians are demanded to give their best or we will turn to a different option.
The same should go for how companies talk, market, and advertise to us.
We demand the best from ourselves, it’s time we demand the best from those who seek to have the opportunity to speak with us.

How does that happen? 

By seeking out those willing to listen.  By being an active and engaged consumer and giving business to those who earn it and deserve it.  By putting the same lofty expectations that have been put on your favorite sports team on your choice of television partners, cars you purchase, and banks you work with.

Expectations are easy to set and hard to meet.  There are enough consumer options out there that if you are in marketing it’s time to put those lofty expectations on your industry and if you are a consumer to demand it from them.

There are eight million marketing blogs out there and you chose to spend time with this one today.  I’m grateful for it and will do my best to meet the required lofty expectations that are set.
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