Your Career Journey

Throw out what you thought you knew about having a career in the business world. 
Or most industries actually, it goes way beyond business.

Work in the factory, teachers, firemen, personal trainers, or park rangers are all in the same boat as an entrepreneur, sales person, or marketer.
The shift has occurred and our career journeys will be vastly different than our parents or our grandparents of previous generations.

I’ve personally had some huge upheaval this year along in my other forms of work outside of Marketing Fun With Mike.  In fact this site and business has been my steady this year in terms of what to expect for a day’s work.  The grind and the hustle involved has been as much as ever but I have woken up knowing that it will be here and ready if I want it to be.

I get it.  I understand what it feels like when drastic changes are put on your career trajectory that you thought you had.

Your career journey will have some shifts, pivots, and changes.  Even getting the Personal Branding Recipe HERE won’t stop that.  It will give you control to bounce off those pivots and land on your feet like I’ve been able to but the shifts will still occur.
Don’t sweat them though.

Instead be prepared for them and buy into the belief that every thing happens for a reason and that everything can be a teachable moment.

If you put together an incredible event but it only lasts two years for circumstances out of your control then instead of being upset realize how great it was to have it for two years and what it taught to create something better.

If you dislike your job realize it’s your opportunity to learn from what you don’t like, discover what you do like, and set yourself on the course for renewal in your career.

If you get told NO twenty times today in sales teach yourself that you never know what is going on in those people’s lives.

At the end of the day it is your life and your work.  Take pride in it and ownership of it.
If everything is teachable and something good happens from all of it then our career journey is actually exciting, inspirational, and cutting edge.
Instead of being full of upheaval, dull, and boring.

The choice was mine this year and in other years.  The choice is yours as well.
No persuasion here just make the choice.

Thanks for reading and being here, shares of the content are always appreciated!
Both of the Recipes are HERE and both of the books are HERE.

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