The #2MoreHours List

Plain and simple the question I want people to ask and then give them the chance to solve is:

“What would you do with Two More Hours Per Day?”

Not a 26 hour day.  But rather getting two hours out of the same 24 if you could free yourself from the activities that drain your productivity, waste your time, and lead you to saying things like “I’m slammed!” when in actuality you are just bored.

What would you do?
That is my goal with the Efficiency Recipe.  It is a tried and tested method and program that gives you 14 additional hours per week and if you add that up to a year 730 hours per year!

So the question again is what would you do?  Think long and hard on that and decide for yourself.  

Is it training for that race?

Finally getting the 7 hours of sleep you know you should be getting to be healthy?

Cooking real food for your family instead of getting carry out?

Reading a book?

Volunteering for your kids soccer team?

Sketching the plan for the business you have always wanted to start?

My sole goal with the Efficiency Recipe is to give people the time in their lives to do more stuff that truly matters to them.
The program is exactly what I do everyday and it has led to a whole new way of looking at my life and all of my case studies and others who have gotten the program this year have told me it worked the same for them.
It is $29.00 and you purchase it on a secure online network via credit card.  You will then receive an automatic email from me with a zip file with the entire program for you to download.

Not only do you get the 25 step program but you get a 15 minute video with global icon and speaker Anthony Iannarino about how he ruthlessly prioritizes his life, a special 5 tip sheet from professional organizer Michelle Powell, a motivational calendar, cheat sheet for when you are done, and of course the 14 hours per week.

What would you do with 2 more hours per day?  Find out and take action HERE by getting the Efficiency Recipe!

Here’s just some of the #2MoreHours List to see what others have said…

“I would sign up for the Hall & Oates fan club, download their tour schedule, and make a plan to hit as many shows as possible!” -Jill

“I get four hours of sleep a night and I know it’s not good for me.  I’m going to up it to six so I can feel better when I am awake!” -Rob

“I’m planning a trip around the world with my wife and two kids!” -Travis

“I’m using it to volunteer more and go on more nature walks, it gives me a breath of fresh air everyday!” -Gail

“I’m taking longer walks with my wife where we have animated conversations with each other.” -Jim

“I am focusing on eating healthier and cooking meals at home because I love the process and to share food and conversation with others.” -Lynn

“I’m turning off my phone and reading more!” -Mikey

“I am using to be of maximum service to God and other fellow human beings.” -Don

Hope that gives you some ideas!  Follow through HERE.
Thanks for reading and as always sharing if you feel inclined, both are appreciated.

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