Monday Marathon Motivation

The Columbus Marathon weekend wrapped up yesterday in my city.  It was an incredible time and while I took the year off running in it I might have had just as much fun volunteering and cheering everyone on.

If you are looking for a little kick in the rear this Monday here’s some of my favorite takeaways from this year’s event.

1. The half marathon sold out with 18,000 participants. WOW.

2. I met an 84 year old gentlemen from Wyoming who was running the half marathon while I was handing out runners race shirts at the Marathon Expo on Friday.

3. I also spoke with a 70 year who has run the full marathon in Columbus for over 20 straight years and decided to move down to the half this year because he was starting to get old he said!

4. The Kids Run on Saturday featured a Diaper Dash of toddlers going thirty yards and then getting bananas, medals, and waters.

5. The Kids Run also had a half miler for kids up to the ages of 10 and 11 and a little girl went down in the first ten years of the race and was on the ground for about five minutes.  She got up and ran the whole race and was met at the finish line with a cheering section of all the other kids and parents of the kids of her age group.

5. Every neighbor on our street came out to cheer on runners Sunday morning at 730am as they came by our house.  Talk about building community.  Cowbells and coffee together.

6. That first runner came by the 10 mile mark in a shade over 45 minutes.  Averaging a five minute or so the first 9 miles.  He went on to win the half marathon and smash the course record with a 1 hour and 2 minute race time finish!

7. 26 kids from Nationwide Children’s Hospital were Patient Champions and each one had a different mile marker dedicated to them.  The ones that were able were out on the course cheering the runners on.

8. I had a friend qualify for the Boston Marathon, my old boss who is 45 run his marathon 45 minutes faster than my time last year, and another friend who run a half in just a shade over 90 minutes.  All of them at one point in time of our friendships were a little out of shape.  It can be done!

9. Stories.  Too many stories to tell.  Each runner, volunteer, and supporter has a separate unique story that was shared in some shape or form this weekend.  Congrats to all who participated and thank you to all those who supported, put on, and volunteered over the weekend!

That was just a few takeaways from a Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon in one city by one person.
Let’s create some more incredible stories this week.  Here’s to a great day for you, thanks for being here.  If you have a marathon story you’d like to share leave it in the comments please!
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