Hot Dogs are Metaphors

If you have found this blog and are reading for the first time, THANKS for being here, but you might not get the whole hot dog thing.

I worked at a hot dog stand in college, it taught me to never work a job that I didn’t love, and I believe we all have a “hot dog stand” or multiples ones in our lives and when we find it we truly tap into our passions and live the lives we want and deserve.

The truth is the hot dogs are only metaphors.  While putting on the costume is fun for some pics and what I learned there from my boss Eric and others was incredible it never really had to do with hot dogs even when I was there.

Often you will have an opportunity to learn or grow from something and what you think the whole point of it might be doesn’t really have anything to do with it all.
That’s the case for our careers I think.
We spend a lot of time as business owners or working for a company focusing on our product and the sale.
However it boils down to passions of our customers, solutions we are offering, and problems being solved for those we serve.

It doesn’t have to do with the product or what we spend the time working on at all.

Just like the hot dog stand didn’t have anything to do with hot dogs when it really got down to it for what I learned what we represent each day has less to do with the product and more about the solution we are offering.

1. Golf courses offer a game but really peace of mind (or immense frustration!)

2.A cold beer offers taste and hops but actually a sense of relaxation and gratitude for the day.

3. My Efficiency Recipe says it is about giving you 14 more hours in your life each week but it’s about freedom and opportunity to do more of your hobbies and live your dreams.

4. Bikes offer a mode of transportation but the feeling of being free (and a little workout.)

5. Teaching seems to be about grades but it’s about the mentorship of children or adults.

6. My Personal Branding Recipe seems to be about a creating your own brand but it’s actually about creating control in your career and doing something different than everyone else in your industry.

I don’t eat hot dogs that often anymore, but I fill myself with the goodness of what the hot dog stand taught me and continues to teach me.
Just like hot dogs are metaphors in my life take a look at what you are representing to your customers and prospects and tell more of the story about the solutions you are delivering and less about the product and its attributes.

When we start thinking about the happiness it delivers instead of the process of acquiring it we are able to have the rare opportunity to connect with a customer on a true level.
That’s a metaphor worth chasing after every day.

The Personal Branding Recipe is out on the Recipes Page and I’m excited for anyone who is seeking to take their career to the next level and create a special something for this world to try it out.

Thanks for reading this post and being part of the crew, shares and comments are welcomed and appreciated and my two BOOKS are HERE.

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