The Brand Most Vital To Your Success

What brand is most vital to success in your career and life?

Is it Nike? Or Apple? Or Weber Grills if you are an outdoor wannabe chef?
Maybe it is a powerful writer like Malcom Gladwell, a historical figure that lives on in your memory like FDR, or a mentor like your parents?
It’s actually YOURS.

No brand is more important or more vital to your career trajectory or success than your Personal Brand.
I’ve learned this through ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and struggles into successes (and more struggles to come) in my career.
My personal brand has enabled me to remove the labels and stereotypes an industry puts on your career.
It enables people to take the control in their careers that they deserve and need in a world where job security has gone out the window.

Personal Brands are your opportunity to be a game changer for the people you serve.
That is why I have created and built an online program called The Personal Branding Recipe that will help you build yours!  

It is available HERE for purchase.  Don’t forget when you get a copy your payment is secure through Stripe (it’s another “PayPal”) and you will receive an email afterwards enabling you to download your purchase and the whole program as a zip file.

Building a personal brand takes a little bit of time each day but more importantly it takes creativity and a positive and determined mindset.  You want to tell a special story about what you can offer to people better and different than anyone else in the world.

If you have ever been concerned (even just once) about how your resume/LinkedIn profile was going to look any different than the other 100 that were being considered a Personal Brand is your chance to be that difference.

Honestly you don’t have to get the Personal Branding Recipe if you have a business that is thriving and you have an incredible story behind it.
You don’t have to get it if you are one or two years away from retirement.

But if you want to grow in your career, start your own business, improve your relationships and skills with both your clients and those on your team then building a personal brand is an outstanding and unique way to do it.

At the end of the day if your business closes or you get fired (like we all have or probably will at some point in our lives) the only thing you get to take right now is the photos from your desk and maybe one or two month’s pay if you are fortunate.
If you have a personal brand that is strong and tough and this happens you have a world of options.

Because one thing employers or our own failed businesses can’t take from us…is our brand.
Your PERSONAL BRAND.  The one that does great work for people and spreads like one of Seth Godin’s IdeaViruses.
This will go with you from job to job, career to career, and it is in your control to build it and make it as strong as you want it to.

The Personal Branding Recipe is a guide to help you create, build, and start to refine one from start to finish.
It’s $29.00 but it will give you 20x times that value in the next year alone if you give it everything you got.

Remember that the person who is in charge of your career and your path is none other than yourself.

Take pride in that and work it like you know that every single day!
Let’s go rock it today.  Thanks for being here!  Any sharing of the post or blog is always appreciated.

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