What to do when failing might occur

How about what do we do when failing appears imminent?

It’s a hard question to write about and admit.  Everyone likes to say that “failure is good” and it helps you out.  

I agree with that and I have said that.  When you are learning to ride a bike, having to rewrite a book because the flow doesn’t much, getting stuck on a mountain climb and needing to retry in a week or two.
But what about when you are working with a client that you know has invested their heart and soul into their business?
And it appears that what they are doing, what you are doing, and what their other partners are attempting doesn’t appear to be working.

How do you face that failure and react to it?

This is happening as we speak to not just the business we are working with today but to many other individuals and teams around the world.
Dreams can be shattered on a dime in the business world.  The products with the best intentions often never make it to market for one reason or another.  Then those that do rarely don’t run into a TON of struggles and obstacles.

Maybe it was the sausages and the couple of IPA’s while camping last night but I feel a little “queasy” writing this.  Actually no it wasn’t the turkey meat or the Rhinegeist Truth’s.
It’s the thought of so many doing everything they can and it not being good enough to a certain point.

What might you do when failing is very possible? (A situation I hope you don’t find yourself in!)

1. Accept that it’s a possibility.
2. However refuse to accept that it’s a foregone conclusion.
3. Push the creative and data juices in everyone’s minds as though your backs are against the wall, because they are.
4. Set a screen and run a pick and roll (basketball coach here.) Look at the path you were headed and see if there’s a different route in the road.
5. Do everything you can until the final bell sounds.

There is no magic pill in that list of five.  But I hope there’s a mindset takeaway.
You can’t give up.  You can’t give in.  You have to keep up the fight and set your hair on fire. (Not literally of course.)

Failures are going to happen and the business world doesn’t rotate on an axis like the Earth.  If it was perfect then I’d have a book on the New York Times Bestseller List instead of HERE, every person in this world would have an opportunity to live their hot dog stand for their career, and all those passionate businesses with incredible products would be flying high.

All you can do is push through the struggles, learn and get takeaways like never before, and maybe cross your fingers and give a little shout out to the crew in the sky.
Here’s to a lack of failure for passionate businesses with real time solutions.  They deserve it!

Thanks for reading always and being a part of the crew here.  As always a share of the content is most appreciated and if you want to get on the Hot Dog journey my books are HERE.

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