Behind the Scenes

What is happening behind the scenes of your hot dog stand?

If you want to tap into your passions and create something truly remarkable it’s not the work that everyone sees that makes the wheels churn.

The gritty behind the scenes stuff is what makes it special.

The editor of the movie, the author of the book, the trainer for the race, the copy writer for the marketing campaign, the engineer for the product, and the architect for the design.
They are all behind the scenes putting the seemingly endless puzzle together to present it to the world one day.

It looks shiny, flashy, and easy but without the behind the scenes dedication nothing ever gets shown to the public.
When we want to create change, new outcomes, or improve in some way the final form is a long path.

The journey to the fruition of the hot dog stand is done by small, methodical, and action oriented steps and processes that ultimately lead you to your goal.
The behind the scenes is not as glamorous as opening night but it’s the only way opening night happens.

How do you get there?

1. Form a plan and stick to it.  Try not to do everything in one day but rather have small goals day after day and week after week.

2. Learn from the best and help those that want to be the best.  No one can have too many mentors and no one can provide too much advice to those on the uptick.  It will help to learn and grow.

3.The behind the scenes is part of the game and the acceptance of that is a game changer for your mindset.

You can’t run a marathon without a lot of solitary training runs when no one else is out.
Your hot dog stand needs the same care.

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If you want the journey to the hot dog stand story and then action tips to build it my BOOKS are here for purchase.

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