Doing the Impossible

It is pretty amazing that for someone, somewhere, each and every day an accomplishment is made that others would deem “impossible.”

Literally every single day.  Something that has been said or been told to others that could not be done has been done.

This quote from Roger Bannister arrived in my inbox this morning as I was getting ready to write on this topic.
“Doctors and scientists said that breaking the four-minute mile was impossible, that one would die in the attempt.  Thus, when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line, I figured I was dead.” -- Roger Bannister, after becoming the first person to break the four minute mile, 1952

The impossible is different for everyone.  I drank 1-3 diet mountain dews each afternoon or evening to get through my day until one year ago today on October 1st, 2014.
I watched a documentary on what is really in Diet Pop (like I didn’t know…ignorance is bliss!) and the sugar epidemic in the world and I quit cold turkey. I haven’t had any form of soda or juice since then and I was told over and over again that it would be too hard and “don’t do that to yourself.”

I’ve been working on a consulting project with Aquai Water and Trident Design to bring to market a “Puck” that will monitor our water use and hopefully get us to stop wasting water as a country.  If you live in the West this might be an “impossible” issue to solve but as you can see HERE on their IndieGoGo page that went live yesterday the product is real.

Three different examples.  Three different lives.  Three different moments.
One common theme: What someone has deemed impossible someone else has deemed it worth to try to make possible and has succeeded.
Keep on with the good fight.  Never give up on your dreams.  Live passionately.
Fight the impossible with all you’ve got.  You might just be surprised at the results!

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