Top Five Reasons Efficiency Matters

As I’m sure a lot of you saw I launched the first of my “Recipe” programs this past Friday and it is called the “Efficiency Recipe!”

To backtrack a sec…the overall theme of what I try to bring to you on this website is “Helping you live the life you want and deserve” and the Recipes are my creation of programs with specific goals to help you get to that spot in your life through a variety of ways.

The Recipes are the building blocks for you to do something great in this world by tapping into your passions and hopefully create ideas from the ground up.

But here are the top five reasons why I believe it’s vital to be efficient (and if you agree I’d snag a copy of the program HERE!)

1)      You will become less stressed and less flustered as you go about your day.

2)      You will understand what is important and what is vital for the success of yourself, those around you, and your growth in life.

3)      You will be present and live in the moment more than ever before because you will have the mindset and the steps to know how to do it and how to enjoy it.

4)      You will have the opportunity to do more exciting things you have always wanted to do.  Like cook food from scratch, run a marathon, travel to a foreign country, coach your kids sports teams, etc.

5)      You will begin to live a life you truly want and deserve!

That’s why I created this program called the Efficiency Recipe.  With those goals in mind for what I want people to get out of it.  All five of those and more will be accomplished if you become efficient. 

(Even if you don’t get the Efficiency Recipe and do it on your own that will happen if you stick with it, but I think you should snag a copy haha!)

It’s a 25 step program.  The cost is less than $2 per step when you get Option A.

And did I mention these awesome bonus items?!

-Lifestyle: KNOW YOUR WHY Bonus PDF with professional organizer Michelle Powell

-Ruthless Prioritization: 15 Minute Private Video with Global Speaker and Sales Icon Anthony Iannarino on the topic of how to ruthlessly prioritize in your life.

-Motivational Calendar, 10 Tip Cheat Sheet, and more!

Don’t do it for me.  Do it for yourself and those you care about and want to spend more time with each and every day.  You’ll get two hours per day freed up of stuff you don’t want to do if you go through the program.

Remember the top five reasons why I think Efficiency is important and if you agree grab the program.  You pay right HERE through our secure network of Stripe and you will receive an email with a zip file that you will download with all of the goodies inside upon purchase!

Thanks for being a part of the crew…passionate living awaits my friend…go after it.

If you have any questions you want to ask me before getting the Efficiency Recipe I’m always available at or check out my FAQ page.

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!