2015 Theme

Each year I follow along in the routines of one of my online inspirations Chris Guillebeau.
The founder of World Domination Summit, NY Times Bestselling Author, and the gentlemen who visited every country in the world before the age of 35 does an “Annual Review.”
He encourages others to do it and it’s a play by play of your previous year.  Marking down what was awesome, what kinda sucked, and a recap of how you did in comparison to your goals.
Beyond that you set up all of your goals for the following year and you pick a theme for how you want your year to go!

Today I want to share with you my theme in hopes to motivate you to pick one of your own.
Cyberspace drumroll please…

My 2015 theme is to “Scratch below the Surface.”
Instead of just doing everything “below average, average, or good” I want to focus in on a few things personally and professionally in my life and try to be outstanding at them.
And to not just do them at surface level, but rather dig deep with them and find new ways to enjoy them and learn about each activity.
I also have about 50 goals (I hit 20 of 35 goals for 2014) that go hand in hand with this theme.

The reason I encourage you to pick a theme is it will give you a way in which to conduct yourself each and every day.  To give you the mindset for what you want to achieve.
Your time is now and there’s a lot of ways in which we can live “lives we want and deserve.”  It’s different for all of us, but it starts with passion and doing things we love in this world.
When you set up a theme based around those passions and try to live each day with the mindset of achieving your goals your chances for success are greater.
If AND when you fail, because you will (I mean I only got 20 of 35 goals achieved last year) make sure you get back up and brush that dirt off your shoulder like Jay Z taught us!

Without further ado here’s my pillars for the theme of “Scratching Below the Surface.”
In no particular order…
1) Running: Some of the goals include running a new half marathon, volunteering at the 2015 Columbus Marathon, starting a running club, and going for a run the first morning every time we travel somewhere and ending it with a cup of tea or coffee in a local place in that area.
2) Writing: Write 500 words every day.  This means better and more free content for you on the blog and newsletter and also two more Recipes: one on Personal Branding and one on Sales.  My writing needs to become more of a routine that turns into a daily ritual.
Writing has led to the debut of the Efficiency Recipe (get yourself one to start 2015 off with a bang!) and both of my books and I’m excited to create more for you to help you in your life.
3) Volunteering: Reminding myself why I coach basketball and to focus less on wins/losses and more on leadership to turn kids into men.  Also to find a new place to volunteer at additionally that aligns with my passion.
4) Giving: It’s better to give than to receive!  I have a project planned for this to do a small thing each day.
5) Cooking: Cook from scratch two nights per week, eat vegetarian two days per week, and only eat at restaurants that make truly AWESOME food.
6) Reading: Read only 24 books but dig deep on them and read one page from Seth Godin’s awesome new book each morning along with a quote from my new “Imagine” book on peace.
7) Traveling: Meet more locals and go off the beaten path more as we travel this year.
8) Relationships: They are the lifeblood for what we do and the only thing that truly matters.  Call more people, listen better, and make plans more often with those people that are so wonderful and inspiring to be around.  Let the ones that only take from you not be so necessary to have around all the time.  Focus in on the great ones and serve the community on here better.
9) Creating: Build a bookshelf, redesign everything to have a true purpose in our house.

I hope to be doing a lot of scratching below the surfaces this year!  If you want some more info on the Annual Review Chris G gives a whole outline.

I’d love to hear your theme or any goals you have, share them with me at Mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com.

And if you need to first free up the time in your life to do what you want, make sure you pick a copy of the Efficiency Recipe HERE.  My bonus items in addition to the program are designed to give you 10x the value compared to the cost.
Get your #2MoreHours today and make this your best year yet!

Thanks for being part of the crew.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!