When you know it's time to NOT quit

They always say that the night is darkest just before the sun rises.
In the same mindset it seems you should know to not quit right when it seems that everything is going wrong and there’s no way you are going to accomplish what you set out to do.
That is the darkest part of your project and soon the light will be shining through.

As you know if you have been to the blog before I’m building online programs called “Recipes” that give people the opportunities to live the lives they want and deserve and to create for them a specific process for doing something.
The first one currently out is available here and is called the “Efficiency Recipe” and it will give you 14 more hours per week freed up out of your busy life to do all of the things you only talk about doing.

Here’s where the quitting comes into play.
I’ll admit it.  I didn’t struggle very much in writing and putting together the pieces for the Efficiency Recipe.  It was a TON of work and it’s extremely valuable for anyone who is disorganized, cluttered, or stressed from work in their life but for whatever reason the writing of the program came easy.

I’m now writing the “Personal Branding Recipe” and this is a whole different story.   For whatever reason the first two months of writing this recipe were a colossal struggle!
I wanted to quit and I had thoughts to myself of “well maybe I’ll just jump right over to writing the sales or the travel recipes.”  
OR I thought to myself “The Efficiency Recipe is good enough for now to help people.”
It’s amazing what our brains get us to start thinking and feeling when we are staring at the possibility of failure in the face.

The writing of it continued be a struggle and I wanted to hang it up.  I decided that I was going to write and finish the first draft that week and from there I could make the decision if I wanted to can it or continue to work on it.  It wasn’t that the content was bad, I know how to build personal brands, it was my writing just couldn’t catch up with the content and something was lacking.

Then a funny thing happened.  My darkest part of the night had passed and the sun started to rise.  Tweet that!
The writing came together and slowly but surely I finished the first draft with passion and zest for the recipe.  I immediately went back and did a 2nd and 3rd draft over the coming weeks and the recipe is now at a point where I can’t wait to get the case studies going on it and work on the bonuses and final edits.  It wasn’t a "light bulb moment" but it was like pushing through in a race to where you get your second wind and it turns out to make you stronger than at the start of the race.

What’s the point?
I could have quit.  I could have hung it up and nobody would have known the difference.
We all have many opportunities in our life that present chances to not gut through when it seems that failure is going to be the only option.
And sometimes…the project might not get finished.
But that doesn’t mean we failed.  Failure is not having the courage to try.  Failure is succumbing to the voices in our head telling us to give up and that it sucks.

Know that when you are at a point of complete frustration and it seems pitch black, an endless tunnel, or an icy road…that the sun is about to rise, the door will open leading you out of the tunnel, and the ice will thaw on the road.
It happened for me on my personal branding recipe and I know it will happen for you too.

Until next time…get out there and give it your all!

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