Marketing with a Heart and Soul

It needs to be done with a feeling that your heart and soul are into it.
Those were the words coming out of my mouth when doing an interview the other day with a sports startup in San Fran.
They felt good saying out loud.  Sure the hot dog stand theme, helping you live the life you want and deserve, and getting efficient (The Efficiency Recipe anyone?!) are big themes around here but when someone asks me
“How do you want people to perceive your or your community’s marketing efforts in their lives?”
Perceived with some heart and soul felt great to say!

Now that I have said that…how can you put your heart and soul into it?

First off remember marketing is not just about promoting a product. 
You can market your lifestyle to your friends, your hobbies to your co workers, your belief system to your neighborhood, or your values to your children.  If you look at it that way you’ll see that you are probably already doing marketing in some capacity or have the opportunity to.

Here are some other ways.
1) Make it funny and outrageously personal.
2) Show how much you truly care and how grateful you are for the opportunity before you.
3) Tell wonderful stories that touch people in ways standard marketing doesn’t.
4) Grab hold with no expectations and take them for a wild ride.
5) Truly be in it for the right reasons.

When you put a touch of your heart and a dabble of your soul in everything you do…your hot dog stand is very apparent.
Those passions are tapped into and those good vibes are spreading.
Be aware of mundane pitches in this world and demand from yourself and all those around you that yours will be dazzling…no matter the situation.

Inject your heart and soul into it.  And strap in for an exhilarating ride.

I need to think of good answers like that more often…beats trying to explain the metaphor between finding your passion and selling hot dogs…that takes a while sometimes!

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Thanks for being here…it’s awesome that you are.

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!