What is Marketing really?

It seems like we get tossed in multiple directions when it comes to defining the word marketing.  For some it is just advertising.  Plain and simple.  
Advertising is marketing and marketing is advertising.
For some it is just sales.  Another plain and simple synonym.
Sales is marketing and marketing is sales.
The list goes on and on and every person has a little bit of a different spin on it.  But where does it leave you?

It leaves you confused, a little disoriented about it, and overall with the feeling that maybe marketing doesn’t matter all that much for your career, your business, or your life.

That couldn’t be further from the truth and there is a word in the sentence above I want to revert back to in how I think it would benefit us to consider marketing going forward.

FEELING.  Or FEELINGS for that matter.

Marketing evokes and displays feelings. Click to Tweet it!

Marketing is that little twitch of pleasure you get when you tell a friend you tried Lyft for the first time and how you didn’t have to run down the street flagging a cab.

Marketing is that flinch of emotion you have when you are describing to a family member the impact that charity you volunteer at has on families in the community that you live.

Marketing can evoke some other types of feelings too.

The feeling of frustration when you turn on the TV and you are yelled at by people telling you that now is the best time ever in the history of the world to buy their product.

Or that lingering sense of distrust that comes with a lackluster customer service experience.

How you market your position at your job or your business is all about tapping into the customers feelings and giving them that experience that they oh so relish, remember, and want to help spread.

Marketing is business done right.  When there is a purpose, a need, and a vital reason for the product and it helps better peoples lives in some manner.
Profit margins don’t better people lives.  But Lyft or Uber giving me the opportunity to use a credit card when I don’t have cash serves a need.  Green Bean Delivery giving me the chance to eat organic and local fruits and vegetables year round serves a purpose.

Is what you are doing today serving that purpose?  I believe it must be or you probably wouldn’t be hanging out a place like this!

So what is Marketing?
It’s about tapping into your and other’s passion (which we love to do here) and giving people the experience of a lifetime.
Marketing is about helping improve people’s lives and giving them a reason to tell a friend about it.

Marketing will take a company’s story viral and make it grow exponentially or it could bury it if it’s in business for self serving reasons or they torment their customers instead of serving them.
Marketing is a little bit advertising, a little bit sales, but a lot more passion, feeling, and people oriented than most imagine.

There is someone to serve today.  That could be a customer, your boss, a fellow employee, a prospect, etc.  Put on your marketing hat today and do the best you can to give them an experience and a feeling of elation for working with you.

If you let it…Marketing is…FUN…With (or without) Mike.  
But if you do it with me I guarantee FUN, inspiration hot dogs, passionate stories, and an Efficient life to do incredible things.

Off you go, thanks for being part of the crew!  Grab the Efficiency Recipe HERE or a copy of one of my books HERE.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem,