Internal Marketing

My father in law works for a group of radio stations (runs in the fam!) and is an outstanding creator of value every single day.
The company he works for gave out a Visa Gift Card to every single employee that works at the radio station of what I consider a substantial amount.
No strings attached.  No caveat hung over their heads.   Now that’s internal marketing. (Click to Tweet!)
When you are doing internal marketing you are creating a culture of value, standards, and belief within the employees of your organization.
What is lost at times is how important this is.  We constantly analyze what we will do to market externally to prospects, clients, and the community.
Hours, days, and weeks are spent working on this external marketing, and it should be done.
But to quote Jim Collins from his classic business book “Built to Last” he said “Start with getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and then start driving the bus.”
The value of who is on your internal team and how they feel is vastly understated in the workforce but internal marketing with them can have the right people on the bus and all wanting to drive the bus for you in no time.
When marketing internally is done right you create a culture of goodness that will be given back to you in exponential ways that you can’t imagine when you do these acts.
Giving out this Visa gift card is a small dose of internal marketing that will go a long way.  It is unfortunately few and far between when a company does something internally for no reason at all.  But when they do it creates a culture that is willing to stand by them, fight for them, and get after it each and every day with them.
Take the time to put as much care and dedication into your internal marketing as you do with your external marketing and you will find the wins will come more often and the morale is second to none.
You don’t have to be a manager either to do this.  Take care into being kind to your co-workers, help other employees out with a difficult task, etc.  It will make you feel more fulfilled and the person you do it for and when the internal marketing is being done then the external marketing becomes FUN!
And at Marketing Fun With Mike…that’s a good thing!
What can you do today in your workplace to do some good quality internal marketing? (Tweet it up!)
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PS: Concerned that internal marketing isn’t worth it because “the whole world is going crazy!”
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