Not all things are for all people

What could you do with #2MoreHours per day? 

That's what I set out to answer in my life a long time ago. 

I was addicted to my blackberry (that's how long ago this was!) and bought into the notion that it was a 24/7 world that I had to be a part of the whole time. I was checking emails before getting out of bed, on Facebook before I went to sleep, and getting back to people "ASAP" with no "LOL" or "OMG" thoughts in my life because everything was VERY serious.

Then I left the radio station I was working at.  I had a non compete that paid me to sit on the sidelines for 60 days before starting my sports marketing position at the station I am still at.
For 60 days I played golf by myself, read books at the pool, worked out twice a day, traveled to music festivals, and attended happy hours with friends.
I lived in the moment for the first time in a while. (Tweet dat!) 
I made a promise to myself to never go back.

When I started my new job I didn't put email on my phone, and I still don't to this day.  I stuck with the other tendencies I picked up and kept adding more in.
The end result?  I became an Efficiency Extraordinaire.
Not bragging but it's true.  I've had colleagues and friends asking me to put my efficiency tips and steps into a program for a long time.
I finally did…and now it will be here for you on January 2nd. You can skip the rest of the story and sign up here for your chance to win a FREE copy!

I'm telling you this because I have been there.  Bogged down, overworked, stressed out, and a hot mess to say the least.  When you feel like you can't let go of your laundry list of items and when one gets completed another gets put on it.
I've been there.  It's no fun.  We've been taught it's the only way to stay ahead now. I disagree. 
Because while I've been there I'm no longer there.  I want you to get where I am, and you can, by going through my Efficiency Recipe you will become an Efficiency Extraordinaire!

This 25 step program is going to give you detailed action steps and guidelines to go through to put you on the track towards living the life you want and deserve.
It will free up at a minimum two hours per day for you to do more of the stuff you truly want to do in life.  That's 730 hours in a year, think about what you are going to be able to accomplish.
The topics of the steps range from mindset to list making to technology to trying new stuff and reorganizing old stuff.  But the end goal is always the same.
Two more hours per day for you…to spend in whatever way you would like…except for checking more email. 

But I completely understand that not all things are for all people.

You will get 2 hours per day freed up in your life if you follow these steps.  But I only want you to get this program if you are 100% serious and dedicated enough to do the steps, absorb all the awesome bonus items, and continue implementing them after you are done.  If you aren't sure you will stick to it during the program and need some extra help then sign up for the Hot Dog with all the fixings option and let me help you along the way.
If you are truly looking for a quick fix that you might not continue after you are done then I want to remove the risk from your life and encourage you NOT to buy this program.  There are no refunds.  I've put in too much work to squabble over this process but I hope that only people who are willing to implement the steps will purchase the program.  I want you to NOT buy this if you think there is even a 1% chance you won't stick with it.
If you follow it and stick with it, it will work.
If you just want to free up two more hours to do more busy work I encourage you NOT to buy this program.
This program is for people who want to do something BIG or MEANINGFUL (even if just to them) with their new time.

Why should you sign up HERE and get the program on January 2nd?  If you are someone that  believes you are meant to have a special life.  The more you spend it wasting away on inefficient behaviors the more you are missing out on the beauty of the world that is sitting right in front of your eyes.
You have one life to live…do you want to wait to have the time in your day to start living it to the fullest or not? 
The choice is yours.  Don't do it for me.  Do it for yourself and the ones you care about in your life.

If you are still unsure check out what my case studies said about the program HERE on this page.  There will be more to come from them once you purchase the program.
There is a ton of added bonuses in each of the options that will all be listed before you purchase including a 15 minute video with famed global speaker Anthony Iannarino on how to ruthlessly prioritize your life, a 5 step program towards a healthier you with Certified Feng Shui expert and Professional Organizer Michelle Powell, a daily motivational word of the day calendar, and 18 takeaways from the case studies that will help you achieve success with the "Efficiency Recipe."

This program is not for everyone.  I will never push something on people, I have detailed above who it is for and who it is not for.

Not all things all for all people, but I do know if you have found your way down to here there is something for you in the Marketing Fun With Mike community. 
Thanks for being here and I wish you and yours nothing but a happy, healthy, and passionate finish to 2014 and a wonderful holiday season!

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem.