That's quite a list you can make

My friend brought up to me that the upcoming Efficiency Recipe offers this opportunity to get 730 additional hours in a year. (First access to it will be HERE.)
To get 730 new hours available to live the life you want in a year...
I had honestly only been thinking about in terms of days and weeks.  2 hours per day and 14 hours per week.

The calmest, most in the moment, and driven people I have discovered thrive on being efficient and productive. (Click to Tweet!)
But seriously 730 hours in a year is a lot and it makes sense that those people are so good at what they do, because that's a lot of time most of us don't have!

Here's what can happen in 730 hours:

1) Run a Marathon (5 hours)
2) Train for a marathon ( 120 hours)
3) Write a speech like the Gettysburg Address (20 hours…it took Abe longer than people think.)
4) Fly to the moon (72 hours)
5) Read 12 new books in a year (60 hours)
6) Send a hand written thank you note every day for a year (30 hours)
7) Cook dinner from scratch and not in a rush every Friday night for a year (52 hours)
8) Volunteer to coach your kids sports team for a season (40 hours)
9) Take one quarterly weekend getaway with your family or a friend to somewhere serene (192 hours)
10) Take five to seven minutes to yourself every morning to be still (35 hours)
11) Learn to speak conversationally in a new language (60 hours)
12) Spend ten extra minutes on the most important part of your job every day (43 hours)

After looking back over that list I'm excited!  
Create your own image of what you can do with 730 hours in a year.
You don't have to wait for the Efficiency Recipe to come out on January 2nd, but you can sign up HERE to get the best price and the chance at a free one.

Start taking apps off your phone you don't use, only check email a couple of times per day, and do the most important part of your career first thing in the morning.  That will get you started and headed in the right direction.

Actually wait…that was only 729 hours on the list above.  We have one more hour to fill…Click to Tweet!

13) Reread this blog post, make your own list, and start doing it! (1 hour)

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Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!