When can I Ketchup and find my Hot Dog Stand? Book Review

Monday through Friday, people are clocking into work from nine to five.  It seems like a never-ending process for most because the passion has either long gone or wasn’t there from the start.

When Can I Ketchup And Find My Hotdog Stand is an Ebook by Mike Rudd, a man that knows his hot dogs.

More importantly,Mike Rudd is a Hot Dog Extraordinaire.  Throughout the new Ebook, Mike takes people on a pun-filled journey to help those lacking the passion for their careers find their own hot dog stand.

So what exactly does “find their own hot dog stand” mean?  It’s pretty simple.

After working at a hot dog stand to pay his way through college, Mike Rudd finished school and had sold more than 75,000 hot dogs. He decided right then and there to never work a job that he didn’t love because of what he learned about work and passion at that hot dog stand.

Careers Should Be Full of Passion, Like Mike’s Hot Dog Stand Experience

When Can I Ketchup And Find My Hotdog Stand is an inspirational book that provides insight into how to go about building a career that has you waking up, ready to run into work.  The entire book is based upon Mike’s time spent serving hot dogs at Boss Doggs, an on-campus hot dog stand at Ohio State University.

What is great about the book is that it provides valuable insight to those they may be “soul searching” for a new career, or even looking to make a change from the one they already have.  The step by step process provided in the book guides readers toward their path to finding their own hot dog stand.

From working for someone or some company that you believe in, to deciding what you are passionate about, and even deciding what it is you want out of life; it’s all in this short and informative new Ebook available on Mike's Books page or on Amazon.

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Carpe Diem All!